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Five Comic Book characters that are better in the movies

When the world is under threat, not a god but in superhero we trust. Superheroes are our all-time favourite individuals, no matter how wired they dress or who non-human they look; we still like them and follow them. I remember asking my mom to get me a tattoo of Batman as a kid, and she said they are not real; I busted out that day and hated her for telling that. This is how much we love them. If you are fan big fan of Marvel characters, then here is a list of comic characters whose character depiction is must better than the comic books.

1.     Captain America

The character Captain America is highly admired in the movies because of the quality and clarity of the character. He stands for justice and what is right. He encourages the people of America to raise voices and stand by the truth and right things even if the highest powers of the country prove them wrong. It is about an Irish-American art student who grew up during the great depression in New York. Due to the variant ranging of outburst in the world the comic came up with wicked things, which are not included in the movies.

2.    Iron Man

The character of Iron man is much celebrated in the comic industry because of the purpose and the enigmatic sensation it created during those times. Initial it wasn’t effortless to imagine the character coming in the big screen. Later on, the sequences were so well that people admired the movies and the real Iron man than in the comics. If you are one among them, here is a Hi-Five!

3.    Spiderman

Spider-man is the most popular and most-read comic series. Even though it lost the hold of early popularity due to the insane stories and story modification, the character managed to withhold the crowd and the fans. Few twists were not entertained like making the Spiderman better and so on, but still, it is most of us favourite character. The Spiderman on the big screen is euphoria, and the screenplay is brilliant. 

4.    Professor X

The X-Men achieved great popularity from the big screen that the comic books. It has made up to its mark through the screenplay.  He always believed that to maintain a peaceful atmosphere, and there must exist mutual peace and harmony. X-Men depict the senses of becoming a driving factor of violent resistance. The moral the comic and movie uphold is about the superiority of humanity, so save the earth.

5.    Batman

Last but not least; my all-time favourite character is here, the Batman. I have given it in the last because; the movie cannot change the impression of Batman from the book. I believe that the big screen has done the justice to the character and is better than the comics, but the first impression of Batman that was introduced to the world cannot be compromised.