Family Bonding Time

June 12, 2016

I am a good sport when it comes to family. If they have special requests and requirements, I am game. The subject of this blog...

Shake it Like Cruise

January 29, 2016

Tom Cruise was glorious in Cocktail, the movie, if only (according to most women) because he was great looking and seemingly carefree in spirit. Lots...


“Excuse Me, You Have My Stapler”

December 9, 2015

Don’t touch my three-hole punch. Don’t covet the scissors or the glue. Stay away from the paper cutter and the adhesive tape, and be mindful...

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Family Bonding Time

June 12, 2016

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Comic Book

Five Comic Book characters that are better in the movies

When the world is under threat, not a god but in superhero we trust. Superheroes are our all-time favourite individuals, no matter how wired they dress or who non-human they look; we still like them and follow them. I remember asking my mom to get me a tattoo of Batman as a kid, and she said they are not real; I busted out that day and hated her for telling that. This is how much we love them. If you are fan big fan of Marvel characters, then here is a list of comic characters whose character depiction is must better than the comic books.

1.     Captain America

The character Captain America is highly admired in the movies because of the quality and clarity of the character. He stands for justice and what is right. He encourages the people of America to raise voices and stand by the truth and right things even if the highest powers of the country prove them wrong. It is about an Irish-American art student who grew up during the great depression in New York. Due to the variant ranging of outburst in the world the comic came up with wicked things, which are not included in the movies.

2.    Iron Man

The character of Iron man is much celebrated in the comic industry because of the purpose and the enigmatic sensation it created during those times. Initial it wasn’t effortless to imagine the character coming in the big screen. Later on, the sequences were so well that people admired the movies and the real Iron man than in the comics. If you are one among them, here is a Hi-Five!

3.    Spiderman

Spider-man is the most popular and most-read comic series. Even though it lost the hold of early popularity due to the insane stories and story modification, the character managed to withhold the crowd and the fans. Few twists were not entertained like making the Spiderman better and so on, but still, it is most of us favourite character. The Spiderman on the big screen is euphoria, and the screenplay is brilliant. 

4.    Professor X

The X-Men achieved great popularity from the big screen that the comic books. It has made up to its mark through the screenplay.  He always believed that to maintain a peaceful atmosphere, and there must exist mutual peace and harmony. X-Men depict the senses of becoming a driving factor of violent resistance. The moral the comic and movie uphold is about the superiority of humanity, so save the earth.

5.    Batman

Last but not least; my all-time favourite character is here, the Batman. I have given it in the last because; the movie cannot change the impression of Batman from the book. I believe that the big screen has done the justice to the character and is better than the comics, but the first impression of Batman that was introduced to the world cannot be compromised.  

One Cool Watch!

As the namesake of Harry Sweeney, the ex-Navy Vietnam hero, it makes sense that I buy a diver’s watch like one I imagine he wore. Of course, it is waterproof, automatic, and a great choice for someone who swims with his timepiece on. Harry was actually an electrician so he would appreciate the marvel of engineering that I chose. Getting a watch like this may be as close as I ever get to Handsome Harry. Whether it is true or not, this is one cool watch!

Not everyone can live up to the expectation of a high-quality automatic watch like these, one with a stainless-steel case, a black face and luminous hands and hour markings. Of course, there is a prominent navy logo. The band will never wear out nor become harmed by invading water to 200 meters, enough for me. When I wear it, it is show-off time. It is also time to discuss Sweeney and his escapades. Watch the movie if you want to know all about a man who can’t escape the past without confronting the present. Heavy plot here. It is an American film from 2009 directed by Bette Gordon and starring Jamie Sheridan and Steve Buscemi. It is about friends with a code of silence that must be broken to carry out the last wish of a dying man. Apparently, a long-ago crime united several friends. As you might guess from the title, our hero has rugged good looks. No comment. He is divorced and a long-lost son and here the comparison with my life ends. I like the part about unraveling a deep, dark secret and I won’t tell any of you blog readers if this applies to me.

It is a good drama, highly polished and realistic. It revolves around the common emotions of ignorance, intolerance and fear. That’s how I like my films. I also have odd ball and gritty taste. Maybe it’s a way to make my own life more compelling. Don’t we all find our inner selves on the silver screen? I won’t deny it. I am a movie fan site unto myself. Wearing my stellar navy diver’s watch helps me play the part in my head. It is like having an alter ego when I attached the band to my wrist. Who do you want to emulate? Do you share values with a particular screen presence? Maybe more than one! I wonder if men, more than women, indulge in this kind of fantasy making. Most men I suppose want to be a great athlete like their favorite team player.

A blog is a good place to give away inner secrets. After all, you are only telling people just like you. Watches, shoes, leather jackets and cars are all personal items that tell a tale. They are for status to be sure, but also a way to take on another persona. How long I will be Handsome Harry, who knows?


As Seen on TV!

My friends tell me I watch too many medical shows on TV. I love them and am so completely hooked. Fortunately the programming directors of major channels understand my needs and have booked plenty. Most revolve around hospitals. We never tire of them. Each show takes place in a different city either in the surgery department or the emergency room. It has to be a place of much action and split second last-minute thinking I love these shows. The doctors can resolve any problem, no matter how fast it happens, with a few nearby tools. If they don’t have the right tool, they fabricate one. I loved one scene where this guy grabbed the trauma shears to break open a costume an accident victim was wearing. It was made of hard metal and it took several severe blows to crack it open to get to the broken leg inside in order to treat it and assess the damage. Imagine other cool things you can do with something like trauma shears. You can open any locked door, shave off a car glove compartment, or kill a faulty computer you no longer love with one whack. Where do you get them anyway? Like everything on earth—online. The best trauma shears are heavy duty to handle any hack job you might need as you go through life. No, they aren’t going to let you on the set to practice for a while.

Perhaps such dangerous weapons should be kept in the trunk of your car, the basement, or the garage. You aren’t going to play hospital any time soon and you certainly don’t want your kids to do so. You don’t want to create the trauma that will have to be fixed with the shears. What is it about powerful tools anyway? It makes you feel invulnerable and ready to tackle any emergency at hand. You want to know what I want for my birthday—trauma shears. Imagine the size of a package that wraps this baby. If your garden shears get a look, they will be mighty jealous. The glades don’t even compare nor the size of the handles. Don’t you remember seeing them at the fire station as a child when you got to take a tour? Don’t you remember horror stories about the jaws of life, too? Weaponry isn’t just guns and ammo. It is more than a plastic lance. You could certainly intimidate any schoolyard bully with trauma shears, before they sent you home that is. Imagine the expression on your mother’s face when she came to take you and the shears home.

Meanwhile, become a script writer and put more cool scenes in the TV shows using stuff like trauma shears. Think outside the box and how many ways you can wield them. Think of the killer in the ER as a scenario, sneaking from bed to bed looking to wreak havoc. Then think of the enterprising doctor who saves the day with his own trauma shears carefully responding in kind.

Family Bonding Time

I am a good sport when it comes to family. If they have special requests and requirements, I am game. The subject of this blog is family bonding time and going the extra mile, which in my case one lazy Sunday afternoon entailed a trip to the hardware store. More about this in a minute.

I watch movies with my uncle in his private domain. As a matter of fact, he has a secluded man cave in the basement set up comfortably for cinema time. I like a change of scene and he has a rather good collection of old films. I have contributed to the pile that is housed in a cabinet next to the large flat screen and thus am always able to find something to my liking.

This Sunday afternoon in question, I noticed that my uncle was rather quiet. He was coughing a bit and his breathing seem labored. I asked what the problem was and he replied, asthma. For some reason, today it was particularly bad. He had been having regular flare ups, but this time it was extreme.

I had friends with a similar condition and recalled that they used humidifiers to lend moisture to the otherwise dry air in the winter. They come in various sizes, shapes, and prices. “Let’s get one,” I exclaimed. The movie can wait. The two of us trotted outside and headed to the hardware store a short walk away. With a little help from the clerk, we located a display and were impressed with the whole house model. This way, my uncle could get relief anywhere he went throughout his home. He could move it (it is portable) to the basement and it would take care of the large space.

A whole house model has a larger capacity water tank than a one-room unit and seemed to be the answer to the asthma breathing problem. It did not require assembly but we had to go back for the pickup in order to haul it. Two of us was all that was required to lug it to the basement and install it in no time.

We resumed watching the movie and were almost completely lost in the plot when my uncle muttered, “I feel much better.” He thanked me for my suggestion and willingness to cut into my film time to get the perfect model. “For family, anything,” I replied. I told him I was glad to see him in better spirits.

It doesn’t take asthma to get you to sit up and take notice of the need for a humidifier. Dry air can affect the skin, making it itchy and rough. It can also affect the eyes, requiring regular drops. A cough, cold, or the flu: they all respond to moisture in the air. It pays to have a humidifier on hand. You can adjust the steam or mist to your comfort level and there is no background noise to interfere with movie dialogue. For a modest investment, a humidifier can be the next basic appliance in your home.

Shake it Like Cruise

Tom Cruise was glorious in Cocktail, the movie, if only (according to most women) because he was great looking and seemingly carefree in spirit. Lots of sex appeal the ladies say. Tom could wield a shaker to make the perfect drink in a flash. We watch his efforts as he finds himself in Jamaica amid a ludicrous romantic plot that doesn’t challenge his acting talent a bit. Imagine a finale in which our hero ends up with twins! However, he can make the perfect drink. Like his character, Brian, in the film, who doesn’t want to be adept at this sociable and fun enterprise?

If you aspire to the status of top drink maker and want to wow your friends, as many do, you need a well-equipped bar before you can shake it like Cruise. You need a “full bar” with all the basics, a set of glasses in various sizes and shapes, and the tools of the trade like a corkscrew, a shaker, a knife for garnishes, a jigger cup, an ice buket, and something with which to stir it all up like a metal spoon. You will also need recipes if you haven’t gone to bartending school. This would be the fastest way to emulate Cruise, but it isn’t necessary.

So you have the vodka, gin, scotch, bourbon, rum, tequila, among other assorted items. Fine, you can make most drinks; but martinis are the in things these days, so here’s where you can give your cocktail shaker a workout. Without the shaker, the basic procedure is simple if you make it on the rocks.

Using 100 proof vodka, mix 1 oz together with .25 oz of dry vermouth, 3 dashes of bitters, and a squeeze of lemon. Fill a large mixing glass with solid ice cubes, pour in all the ingredients, and stir ten to twelve times at most. Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass. End by zesting the lemon peel over the top, and enjoy.

To have more fun and to use the shaker, put your vodka of choice and a splash of vermouth in the shaker with ice and go to town. Pour into martini glasses and garnish with fresh olives. Simple, easy, and effective.

Also, consider:

  • Mix 1 part sour apple Schnapps, 1 part Peachtree® Schnapps Liqueur, 1 part cranberry juice in a shaker filled with ice. Serve in chilled martini glass and garnish with the orange wheel.
  • Pull together .75 oz of vodka, .75 oz champagne, .75 oz white grape juice and throw it in the shaker with ice. Strain into a martini glass and savor the flavor.

You can make Bloody Marys, Manhattans, Margaritas, and much more in a shaker as a substitute for a blender, which gives more froth when it is desired. There are virtually hundreds, if not thousands, of recipes available. You may need to spend a week online and then experiment on yourself—sounds like fun! It can get very sophisticated to make Bellinis, Mojitos, Juleps, Pina Coladas, Cosmopoitans, Mimosa, and dozens more. You will be an expert if you have the drive. All it takes is a great thirst.


“Excuse Me, You Have My Stapler”

Don’t touch my three-hole punch. Don’t covet the scissors or the glue. Stay away from the paper cutter and the adhesive tape, and be mindful of the ream of construction paper. In short, leave my arts and crafts tools alone. Excuse me, but you have my stapler. If you don’t let go, you are in for a fight. The dukes are going up. I am no meek Milton Waddams, the collator, who hasn’t a clue.

This is an imaginary scenario, a kind of quirky bad showdown in an office space movie about lowly supplies, but it could happen to you! If you have a project and are under the time gun, you don’t want interference of any kind. You want access to what you need to complete the work efficiently and effectively, so you can move on. There is nothing worse than people keeping public stuff in their desks and forgetting to put them back on the shelves. It equals taking things home intentionally or not.

It is great to be able to make custom models or replicas, fashion promotional materials on boards, or patch together a live show and tell presentation. Sometimes it can be a bit last minute. You want to grab your tools and get started in a flash, but when they are nowhere to be found, your mood goes sour. Things get misappropriated in a flash if you don’t watch out. At other times, there are not enough supplies to go around. A fight can spring up over the merest of minutia.

Here’s where office etiquette comes in handy. Hopefully yours has rules about wandering off with the stapler for example, especially that expensive electric one. People never think about who else is in need at the very same time. They are oblivious, in essence, and haven’t a clue. It makes you so mad you want to shake a fist or two at the culprit. You don’t want that office movie. You want the nice one where everything is in its place and can be found as needed.

Making things is a type of craft that takes skills and dexterity. There is only so much you can do on your own before resorting to the expertise provided by those ubiquitous, soundless tools. They are man’s great helpers no matter what the project at hand. It pays to buy your own set if you don’t trust your colleagues not to hog them big time. Then there are those lovely people who use the last staple and don’t fill the dispenser—ever. You search for refills and they are nowhere to be seen. Your temper grows as you realize there are none available as no one bothered to notify the office manager. You have to leave your work to go out and buy supplies; you can’t wait for delivery.

Such are the little annoyances of office life. You wish someone would take notice of tool rudeness and put things back in place. You wonder what happened to sharing and returning things when you are finished. How many times do you really have to remind people to care? We live in a greedy, self-centered world, so what do you expect. You will have to make the first move and lead the way.

Expensive Lesson Learned!

“Go to the mattresses!” That was a much-anticipated state of affairs in the Godfather. Here’s the dialogue from one of my favorite movies:

Clemenza: That Sonny’s runnin’ wild. He’s thinking of going to the mattresses already.

Sonny: No, no, no! No more! Not this time, consiglieri. No more meetings, no more discussions, no more Sollozzo tricks. You give ’em one message: I want Sollozzo. If not, it’s all-out war: we go to the mattresses.

What does this mean anyway? I looked it up on, no surprise, the Internet and found that troops laying siege to Florence in 1530 encountered a unique defense. The artist Michelangelo used the ploy of hanging mattresses on the sides of the bell tower of San Miniato to prevent cannon fire damage. Furthermore, families fleeing the onslaught slept on mattresses on floors since they had to evacuate in a hurry. A mattress became a symbol of protection.

Well, you learn something trivial every day! Seriously, however, mattresses have found a place in many movies (most love scenes), not to mention the Sopranos on TV where the same phrase was used meaning to prepare for battle. I recently had a battle with a mattress myself while watching the very same rerun show. I love to watch movies in bed and rely heavily on Netflix. But I was struggling with the covers and got tangled up on one dark and stormy night. The top sheet had slipped from its moorings and somehow dragged the cover with it. I caught my foot, and the minute I moved it, the soda I was drinking spilled.

It was too cold and late to wash anything and I mourned the lack of foresight. I could have bought a mattress protector like these ages ago. Now I had dark beverage soaking into the foam, ruining it in an instant. The next day it was damp and sour and I knew that bad news was coming. I was going to have to buy a new mattress: an expensive lesson learned. For fifty bucks I could have had a nice water-proof cover that would have eliminated the need for replacement.

I think you only become a practical person when something like this happens and you hit your palm to your forehead and say “aha” to yourself. Needless to say, I started thinking a lot about mattresses – sizes, shapes, materials, cost, transport and installation, etc. I had to decide on what I wanted soon unless I wanted to sleep on a disheveled mess. The best deals come on holidays, a tradition we have grown accustomed to for some odd reason. Without one in sight, I was going to have to haggle a bit to get a fair price.

I have a new respect for the durability and longevity of mattresses having killed one before its time. I have learned to treat mine better and to protect it with the right cover. I got a heavy duty cloth job, no nasty plastic. It should withstand my movie time in bed just fine. I am more careful with coffee, sodas, food, and the like. Even my dog has to watch his step! I don’t want a mattress rebellion anytime soon.

Handsome Harry is One of the World’s Most Underrated Movies

Handsome Harry

Film critics really shouldn’t underestimate just how much they can determine the popularity of a movie, especially its lasting popularity. I know people who won’t even watch a movie unless the Rotten Tomatoes score is ‘fresh.’ I tell them over and over again that a movie that gets a 50 percent on Rotten Tomatoes is merely divisive, and that this is not the equivalent of an ‘F’ grade. Then they’ll usually give me a speech about life being short.

Fortunately for them, Handsome Harry has a score of 78 on Rotten Tomatoes, which is definitely a fresh rating. However, the stricter Metacritic system gave it a score of 59, which indicates mixed to average reviews. The Internet Movie Database rating is also only 6.5, which is a little low for a rating from this database. I’ve seen IMDb give great scores to terrible movies before, so when they give a fairly mediocre score to a movie that I love this much, it’s enough to make me want to get more IMDb users to vote.

Handsome Harry is only from 2009. It is way too young to be as obscure as it is. Still, a lot of people today haven’t even heard of it, and I think that’s a problem. I really want this movie to be better known than it is.

It feels like for most of my life, most movies have been all about special effects, with the characters and the plot feeling like afterthoughts. Handsome Harry is definitely a low-budget movie, and I think that’s one of the best things about it. The filmmakers actually had to make this movie about the characters. The film had to coast on the talent of the actors and the writers, and not the programmers behind all of the advanced CGI.

I wish more movies were like this, and it feels like Hollywood only makes a few of them every year. You have to grab them while they’re there, or Hollywood is never going to get the message that a lot of people still like great stories and great acting.

It’s sad that Handsome Harry isn’t more well known than it is, but this isn’t just about Handsome Harry. It’s about movies like it. If movies like this made more money at the box office, Hollywood would make more films like it. I only hope that the Internet movie fandom is going to change this situation eventually.

Why Steve Buscemi is Awesome

If I can point to the single greatest reason why Steve Buscemi is awesome, it’s that there’s no one like him in Hollywood. I dare anyone to come up with three actors who are anything like Steve Buscemi. No one looks like him. No one has his exact voice or mannerisms, or anything close. Plenty of actors are surrounded by lookalikes and people who can effortlessly imitate them.

While there are Steve Buscemi impersonators out there, I’ve never seen anyone who can really portray him correctly. Personally, contrary to popular belief, I don’t think John Waters looks anything like Steve Buscemi. Steve Buscemi is truly one of a kind, and that means a lot in an industry that encourages everyone to be more or less the same.

Steve Buscemi’s appearance is the detail that most people comment on immediately, and indeed, there aren’t too many people who look like him. Everyone notices his googly eyes. Lots of people will say that he’s strange looking in a way that they can’t truly identify, but that they can still recognize. One way or another, it is the sort of thing that causes you to really take notice of him onscreen. Chances are, he’s going to be filmed right next to some gorgeous male or female lead, and he’s going to look like he came from an entirely different movie. Once he starts acting, you’re going to want to wish that you were watching that movie instead.

Steve Buscemi has a tendency to play the kinds of characters that other people just don’t have the courage to play, which is one of the reasons why he creates so many great characters in the first place. A lot of people don’t want to play the frightened neurotic. They want to be the action heroes that everyone views as role models onscreen. Steve Buscemi does something different. He creates the characters that people can actually relate to, and not just the people that they want to be in order to fantasize.

One of the other interesting things about Steve Buscemi in general is that he is also able to make technically unlikable characters likable. You’ll see Steve Buscemi in all sorts of roles where he’s playing someone extremely creepy, extremely cowardly, or someone who’s an outright criminal. However, the character still manages to be likable because of the unique touch that Steve Buscemi manages to bring to the character. There aren’t too many actors who are that talented, which is just another quality that manages to make Steve Buscemi such a rare find.

The Way I Like to Watch Movies

As much as I like going to the movie theater, there are times where I really feel like the whole movie theater concept has become somewhat outdated. There really was no other way to consume movies back in the day. VHS tapes were invented fairly recently. DVDs and live video streaming are even more recent. Television only dates back to the 1950s, and it was a really big deal to see a movie broadcast on television in those days.

Today, watching a movie is something that people can do on the train as long as they’ve charged their smartphones enough. I’m not a fan of watching movies that way, of course, unless it’s one that I’ve already seen a bunch of times and want to revisit for the sake of making my train ride a little more fun and a little more bearable.

My favorite way to watch a movie is at home on a computer screen where I can easily pause everything. A lot of people don’t like to watch movies this way, which is why when I watch movies with friends, it will usually be the second time I’ve watched the film in question. However, I really think that this is one of the best ways to watch movies, and it is the sort of thing that people can do now that we have the technology.

You have to watch movies straight through when you’re watching them on the big screen. Movie theaters have a schedule to keep, and everyone that’s actually watching paid to watch the movies in a particular way. However, you really don’t have to do that when you’re home watching the movie alone. You can pause it here and there and you can actually allow yourself to think about what you’ve just seen. That’s always been the way that I liked to do it, because I really like to get involved with the movies that I watch.

I want to be able to pause a movie and think about what I just saw onscreen. I want to be able to think about what a character’s motivation might be, and how a given movie is probably going to turn out before I actually learn the answer. You can do all of these things thanks to the modern Internet and the viewing experience that it has given people.

This method may not work for some people, who might feel that it interrupts the flow of the film for them and makes them feel distracted. That’s fine: that’s one of the reasons I like to watch a movie alone for the first time. However, for me, watching movies in this manner makes them into much more immersive experiences, and I definitely recommend that more people try it for themselves.

One of the other advantages of this method is that it’s absolutely free. You might spend three hours watching a movie instead of two, but unless you were on the clock for those hours in one way or another, you didn’t waste anything else. There’s no reason for people to feel compelled to watch movies in the traditional manner if they don’t want that.


Messy Movie Theatre

Perhaps there is no greater movie fan than me, handsome Harry. I am a breed apart so I am told. I am avid and eager about films every day of my life. If I am not viewing, I am reading about them. I want to know what’s up, what’s the latest, and above all what’s best.

I am a movie fanatic. That is certainly my opinion. I love it all: stars, sets, lighting, costumes, makeup, editing, directing – you name it, I admire it. I want to live it, feel it, and breathe it. Fiction, nonfiction, historical piece, fantasy, documentary, animation, they are all my favorite genres. Put me in a dark room, dim any remaining lights, close the doors, and turn on the projector. I am in my zone.

Lately I feel like watching movies at home, yes alone. It is not because I am antisocial mind you. It is because of the awful state of the modern movie theater. Ugh. Maybe it was always this way, but I am noticing it more and more that theaters are places of debris. They are dirty to the core. They are repositories of refuse. They are just plain filthy, full of spilt sticky soda, gummy candy, and oily popcorn. Movie viewers must feel like they have to feed the floor. I get that a movie theater would be a difficult place to clean – stairs are difficult to vacuum and there’s only a short amount of time between each movie.

My local theater certainly looks like it has not been vacuumed and scrubbed for years and the foyer to the theater has not seen a mop in some time – there’s spilled soda everywhere and the floor is grotty. I’ve complained to the manager several times, but apparently the owners don’t care. It almost feels like it needs someone like Gordon Ramsay or Marcus Lemonis to come in and fix this broken business.

The cleaning crew faces this ghastly scene every night (or early morning as it may be). They probably are thinking why bother if it is all going to happen again in just a few hours. So they pick up the popcorn boxes and soda cans and trot home, the day’s work is done. They return like zombies into the litter zone. They sigh with dismay if there is a particularly large amount of gum under the seats or melted chocolate that won’t budge.

Why not have a little responsibility I say and leave my fertile film territory in better shape. Take a big or stuff junk in your backpack. You can discard it on your way out of the theater. Have a little mercy on people like me that don’t want to smell food odors while they view the big screen. Don’t force me into big theater retirement. I hate watching a scenic film on my iPhone.

Think about your shoes if nothing else. You walk around in food dung and it clings to your soles for life. Hard to get rid of chewed gum, right? You end up with traces of candy on your home carpet and maybe on your nice bedspread. If you think I am trying to gross you out, you would be right. Accept my point and get my drift as I am darn serious about this state of affairs. We can all pitch in to make it better, each and every one, as we adopt a new etiquette for the local movie theater. Bravo and good bye.

Movie Snacks I Recommend

Movie Snacks

Everyone is going to have their own preferred movie snacks, but I’m going to have to take issue with some of the stuff that people come up with when they talk about the best movie snacks ever. For one thing, I don’t like to eat anything that crunches during a movie. All I can hear is whatever my jaw is doing when that happens, and that might mean that I’ll miss a line of dialogue. When I invite a bunch of people over to watch a movie, then I’m going to hear them crunching away at the movie snacks too, and we’ll all be interrupting the movie in unison. I’m a big fan of providing soft movie snacks.

Sadly, a lot of the most popular snack foods are all crunchy. It’s really funny how that works. You set out to avoid getting the snacks that are just going to ruin a movie temporarily, and you find out that most of what people eat casually is loud. The most famous movie snack around is popcorn, and popcorn is one of the crunchiest things that anyone can eat. Whenever I’m in a movie theater, I always feel like scenes should have been built around the assumption that a huge portion of the audience was going to be crunching popcorn the whole time, since that’s about all I can hear at different points during the movie.

One of the things I like to eat during a movie or serve during a movie is string cheese. String cheese has the advantage of being tremendously quiet. You can eat it completely soundlessly, and that’s a huge positive. However, I also think it’s great for other reasons. Whenever I eat anything really sugary, I always get the urge to run around, and that’s the opposite of what you should be doing when you’re sitting still and watching a movie. String cheese is heavy on the fat and protein, and low on the carbohydrates. It’s what you need when you want to relax with a movie.

On that same note, another great movie snack that I recommend is peanut butter. Some people are fine with eating peanut butter straight from the jar or off of a spoon. Other people might prefer miniature peanut butter sandwiches. Either way, peanut butter can be eaten soundlessly, and it’s heavy on the fat and protein and light on the carbohydrates. As such, it passes my test for the best movie snacks effortlessly. Plus, it manages to be tasty and salty, like most of the best snacks.

Some days, I like to take a page from people overseas when it comes to movie snacks. I’m an American, and popcorn seems to be the snack of choice for American moviegoers. Sure, every movie theater these days practically has its own candy store and fast food restaurant right there at the concession stand, but a lot of people are still going to go in for the classic American movie snack of popcorn. In France and in a lot of England, you won’t get any of that. People sell ice cream at those movie theaters, and you can eat ice cream during the movie.

I want to bring this tradition to the United States, because ice cream has the wonderful benefit of being very quiet. People barely use any teeth when they eat ice cream, and they won’t annoy the person sitting next to them in the theater when they’re actually eating it. I won’t have to listen to them digging for more of it, and they won’t start crunching during a big dramatic movie moment. Plus, ice cream has plenty of fat and a little protein, so it isn’t going to make people quite as hyperactive as the stuff that’s made from pure sugar.

Why I Love Handsome Harry

I’ve always enjoyed stories about people with mysterious and complicated pasts that they can’t escape. For one thing, these kinds of characters are inherently compelling, because they have clear goals and clear flaws to overcome. Characters with something to atone for and something to regret also come with a certain degree of built-in complexity, and you just don’t get that with a lot of mainstream Hollywood protagonists.

Handsome Harry, our protagonist with a dark and troubled history, is not the protagonist of a feel-good movie. He is the sort of protagonist that will make anyone in the audience think about what they would do in an equivalent situation. Many people just try to move on after making a terrible mistake or committing a betrayal. However, as this movie demonstrates, when people try to bury emotions like these, they will inevitably manage to express those emotions in other ways.

People can’t simply get over personal tragedies without working through them. Handsome Harry keeps pushing people away in one way or another. As his nickname suggests, he’s the sort of person who could have been the Golden Boy protagonist that a lot of Hollywood films want us all to admire. However, a betrayal that he committed in his past has stayed with him for decades, and it has more or less determined the course of his life ever since.

Stories that are all about the horrors of war have always appealed to me as well. The Vietnam War, which is the subject of this movie, is not really the sort of war that a lot of people have idealized, at least not compared to many other wars in history. Still, I think it’s important to keep showing nuanced portrayals of warfare and soldiers in general.

Naturally, a movie can’t just have interesting content. It has to execute the premise well, and I think Handsome Harry did a fantastic job with that. It’s hard to go wrong when your cast includes Steve Buscemi, Jamey Sheridan, and Aidan Quinn. The plotting is also great, which is why the climax at the end is so utterly powerful, and one of the most emotionally involving that I’ve ever seen.

Most of the criticisms of the film that I’ve seen have been directed at the film’s low budget and the fact that they therefore couldn’t stage scenes in the manner of a big-budget Hollywood film. Personally, I care more about the storytelling aspects of a film. Film might be a visual medium, but I don’t think of a movie the same way that I think of a painting. With a painting, the visual quality and the technical skill that went into it is what’s important. With a movie, the story and the acting are the most important characteristics. Handsome Harry is a movie that emphasized the story and the acting, which is why it is one of my all-time favorite movies.