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Family Bonding Time

I am a good sport when it comes to family. If they have special requests and requirements, I am game. The subject of this blog is family bonding time and going the extra mile, which in my case one lazy Sunday afternoon entailed a trip to the hardware store. More about this in a minute.

I watch movies with my uncle in his private domain. As a matter of fact, he has a secluded man cave in the basement set up comfortably for cinema time. I like a change of scene and he has a rather good collection of old films. I have contributed to the pile that is housed in a cabinet next to the large flat screen and thus am always able to find something to my liking.

This Sunday afternoon in question, I noticed that my uncle was rather quiet. He was coughing a bit and his breathing seem labored. I asked what the problem was and he replied, asthma. For some reason, today it was particularly bad. He had been having regular flare ups, but this time it was extreme.

I had friends with a similar condition and recalled that they used humidifiers to lend moisture to the otherwise dry air in the winter. They come in various sizes, shapes, and prices. “Let’s get one,” I exclaimed. The movie can wait. The two of us trotted outside and headed to the hardware store a short walk away. With a little help from the clerk, we located a display and were impressed with the whole house model. This way, my uncle could get relief anywhere he went throughout his home. He could move it (it is portable) to the basement and it would take care of the large space.

A whole house model has a larger capacity water tank than a one-room unit and seemed to be the answer to the asthma breathing problem. It did not require assembly but we had to go back for the pickup in order to haul it. Two of us was all that was required to lug it to the basement and install it in no time.

We resumed watching the movie and were almost completely lost in the plot when my uncle muttered, “I feel much better.” He thanked me for my suggestion and willingness to cut into my film time to get the perfect model. “For family, anything,” I replied. I told him I was glad to see him in better spirits.

It doesn’t take asthma to get you to sit up and take notice of the need for a humidifier. Dry air can affect the skin, making it itchy and rough. It can also affect the eyes, requiring regular drops. A cough, cold, or the flu: they all respond to moisture in the air. It pays to have a humidifier on hand. You can adjust the steam or mist to your comfort level and there is no background noise to interfere with movie dialogue. For a modest investment, a humidifier can be the next basic appliance in your home.