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Movie Snacks I Recommend

Movie Snacks

Everyone is going to have their own preferred movie snacks, but I’m going to have to take issue with some of the stuff that people come up with when they talk about the best movie snacks ever. For one thing, I don’t like to eat anything that crunches during a movie. All I can hear is whatever my jaw is doing when that happens, and that might mean that I’ll miss a line of dialogue. When I invite a bunch of people over to watch a movie, then I’m going to hear them crunching away at the movie snacks too, and we’ll all be interrupting the movie in unison. I’m a big fan of providing soft movie snacks.

Sadly, a lot of the most popular snack foods are all crunchy. It’s really funny how that works. You set out to avoid getting the snacks that are just going to ruin a movie temporarily, and you find out that most of what people eat casually is loud. The most famous movie snack around is popcorn, and popcorn is one of the crunchiest things that anyone can eat. Whenever I’m in a movie theater, I always feel like scenes should have been built around the assumption that a huge portion of the audience was going to be crunching popcorn the whole time, since that’s about all I can hear at different points during the movie.

One of the things I like to eat during a movie or serve during a movie is string cheese. String cheese has the advantage of being tremendously quiet. You can eat it completely soundlessly, and that’s a huge positive. However, I also think it’s great for other reasons. Whenever I eat anything really sugary, I always get the urge to run around, and that’s the opposite of what you should be doing when you’re sitting still and watching a movie. String cheese is heavy on the fat and protein, and low on the carbohydrates. It’s what you need when you want to relax with a movie.

On that same note, another great movie snack that I recommend is peanut butter. Some people are fine with eating peanut butter straight from the jar or off of a spoon. Other people might prefer miniature peanut butter sandwiches. Either way, peanut butter can be eaten soundlessly, and it’s heavy on the fat and protein and light on the carbohydrates. As such, it passes my test for the best movie snacks effortlessly. Plus, it manages to be tasty and salty, like most of the best snacks.

Some days, I like to take a page from people overseas when it comes to movie snacks. I’m an American, and popcorn seems to be the snack of choice for American moviegoers. Sure, every movie theater these days practically has its own candy store and fast food restaurant right there at the concession stand, but a lot of people are still going to go in for the classic American movie snack of popcorn. In France and in a lot of England, you won’t get any of that. People sell ice cream at those movie theaters, and you can eat ice cream during the movie.

I want to bring this tradition to the United States, because ice cream has the wonderful benefit of being very quiet. People barely use any teeth when they eat ice cream, and they won’t annoy the person sitting next to them in the theater when they’re actually eating it. I won’t have to listen to them digging for more of it, and they won’t start crunching during a big dramatic movie moment. Plus, ice cream has plenty of fat and a little protein, so it isn’t going to make people quite as hyperactive as the stuff that’s made from pure sugar.