- Cool Watch!

One Cool Watch!

As the namesake of Harry Sweeney, the ex-Navy Vietnam hero, it makes sense that I buy a diver’s watch like one I imagine he wore. Of course, it is waterproof, automatic, and a great choice for someone who swims with his timepiece on. Harry was actually an electrician so he would appreciate the marvel of engineering that I chose. Getting a watch like this may be as close as I ever get to Handsome Harry. Whether it is true or not, this is one cool watch!

Not everyone can live up to the expectation of a high-quality automatic watch like these https://timepiecequarterly.com/best-automatic-watches-under-your-budget/, one with a stainless-steel case, a black face and luminous hands and hour markings. Of course, there is a prominent navy logo. The band will never wear out nor become harmed by invading water to 200 meters, enough for me. When I wear it, it is show-off time. It is also time to discuss Sweeney and his escapades. Watch the movie if you want to know all about a man who can’t escape the past without confronting the present. Heavy plot here. It is an American film from 2009 directed by Bette Gordon and starring Jamie Sheridan and Steve Buscemi. It is about friends with a code of silence that must be broken to carry out the last wish of a dying man. Apparently, a long-ago crime united several friends. As you might guess from the title, our hero has rugged good looks. No comment. He is divorced and a long-lost son and here the comparison with my life ends. I like the part about unraveling a deep, dark secret and I won’t tell any of you blog readers if this applies to me.

It is a good drama, highly polished and realistic. It revolves around the common emotions of ignorance, intolerance and fear. That’s how I like my films. I also have odd ball and gritty taste. Maybe it’s a way to make my own life more compelling. Don’t we all find our inner selves on the silver screen? I won’t deny it. I am a movie fan site unto myself. Wearing my stellar navy diver’s watch helps me play the part in my head. It is like having an alter ego when I attached the band to my wrist. Who do you want to emulate? Do you share values with a particular screen presence? Maybe more than one! I wonder if men, more than women, indulge in this kind of fantasy making. Most men I suppose want to be a great athlete like their favorite team player.

A blog is a good place to give away inner secrets. After all, you are only telling people just like you. Watches, shoes, leather jackets and cars are all personal items that tell a tale. They are for status to be sure, but also a way to take on another persona. How long I will be Handsome Harry, who knows?