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The Way I Like to Watch Movies

As much as I like going to the movie theater, there are times where I really feel like the whole movie theater concept has become somewhat outdated. There really was no other way to consume movies back in the day. VHS tapes were invented fairly recently. DVDs and live video streaming are even more recent. Television only dates back to the 1950s, and it was a really big deal to see a movie broadcast on television in those days.

Today, watching a movie is something that people can do on the train as long as they’ve charged their smartphones enough. I’m not a fan of watching movies that way, of course, unless it’s one that I’ve already seen a bunch of times and want to revisit for the sake of making my train ride a little more fun and a little more bearable.

My favorite way to watch a movie is at home on a computer screen where I can easily pause everything. A lot of people don’t like to watch movies this way, which is why when I watch movies with friends, it will usually be the second time I’ve watched the film in question. However, I really think that this is one of the best ways to watch movies, and it is the sort of thing that people can do now that we have the technology.

You have to watch movies straight through when you’re watching them on the big screen. Movie theaters have a schedule to keep, and everyone that’s actually watching paid to watch the movies in a particular way. However, you really don’t have to do that when you’re home watching the movie alone. You can pause it here and there and you can actually allow yourself to think about what you’ve just seen. That’s always been the way that I liked to do it, because I really like to get involved with the movies that I watch.

I want to be able to pause a movie and think about what I just saw onscreen. I want to be able to think about what a character’s motivation might be, and how a given movie is probably going to turn out before I actually learn the answer. You can do all of these things thanks to the modern Internet and the viewing experience that it has given people.

This method may not work for some people, who might feel that it interrupts the flow of the film for them and makes them feel distracted. That’s fine: that’s one of the reasons I like to watch a movie alone for the first time. However, for me, watching movies in this manner makes them into much more immersive experiences, and I definitely recommend that more people try it for themselves.

One of the other advantages of this method is that it’s absolutely free. You might spend three hours watching a movie instead of two, but unless you were on the clock for those hours in one way or another, you didn’t waste anything else. There’s no reason for people to feel compelled to watch movies in the traditional manner if they don’t want that.